About Us

Welcome to CALTRiX!


We are experts in cloud accounting services and integrated cloud solutions in Malaysia, which brings innovative improvements and efficiency to your business, allowing real-time monitoring of your business through your smartphone connected to the Cloud!


No matter the nature of your business, implementing the forefront of technology will bring it to new horizons. Our team of youngetic accountants and professionals have made Cloud Accounting work for countless businesses – and we can do the same for you.


Sit back while we automate your accounting,


so you can focus on what you love!

How CALTRiX can help YOU?

Our role in business is to help you step up your game and implement the cutting-edge of cloud-based accounting automation technology



– so you can focus on GROWING your business.



Here are some of the improvements your business can expect with CALTRiX solutions!

For Finance

No more mountains of accounting folders occupying valuable office space! Move your files to a digital space, declutter your office and make it vibrant again!.

For IT

Real-time updates with Cloud-Based technology! Save server costs for your IT Department, and move your server to the Cloud! All company transactions are updated in real-time, to be accessed anywhere, anytime, all in the palm of your hand.

For Sales

Issue professional quotations with just a cup of coffee and your smartphone! Learn how to utilize of XERO’s powerful template function and issue professional quotations – on the go!

For Admin

No more fumbling with paper invoices & receipts! With the XERO app, issue invoices and create records for all accounting documentation with a few touches on your smartphone!

For the Boss

Real-Time, Transparent and Reliable Accounting System With a solid system made for real-time updates, the owner can now make informed decisions with instant access to financial information & analytics with your data. Our Virtual CFO will highlight all financial areas that require your attention, and help you improve business cashflow! Leverage on technology to handle your business accounting needs, free your mind, and bring your business to the next level.

Get a 30-minutes free assessment on cloud accounting digital transformation with us!

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