5 Best Xero Integration for Growing Businesses in Malaysia

5 Best Xero Integration for Growing Businesses in Malaysia

5 Best Integration with Xero for Growing Businesses

With Xero being one of the most popular and most adopted cloud accounting software, the online-based software has numerous integration in their app marketplace (over 1,000 apps!) to bring business owners with ideal cloud solutions to reach unlimited technological capabilities. Xero’s robust feature in integrating with payroll HR, inventory, banks, and Customer Relationship Management [CRM] (and so much more!) systems plays major support in helping a company plan, track, report and stay informed altogether.

Whether you are a B2B or a B2C enterprise, we all deal with customers. Xero’s integrated ecosystem makes things easier in managing invoices and quotes (or even recurring invoices), and receipts as soon as sales are being transacted. Thus, we are here to introduce the 5 Best Integrations with Xero for Growing SMEs through a simple and nice summary of each integration!


P/S. You can read the reviews on each integration through the Xero app marketplace!

1) Talenox

Talenox logo

Talenox is a cloud-based payroll software that manages all your HR and payroll processes in a central system. It is listed first in the Top 7 Cloud Payroll Software in Malaysia for serving small to medium-sized companies best with their easy-to-adopt system. Regularly updated with the latest Employee Act and statutory regulations, the lean and exceptional payroll system integrates with Xero – Cloud Accounting Software in the cloud ecosystem. Their plans only start with RM40/month per employee!


The Talenox-Xero integration simply connects your payroll figures to the accounting bills and journals between the payroll management software and the cloud accounting software. All your HR information is streamlined with the accounting entries, making all payroll entries accurate in your business. The Talenox-Xero integration runs on multiple automations to save time and manual tasks so you can stay ahead to focus on running your business.


How it works:

Setup your Chart of Accounts and Contacts in Xero and immediately connect your Talenox account to Xero. The process will push all of your payroll figures into Xero’s Bills or Manual Journals. All you need to do next is map your Chart of Accounts on Talenox to your Xero account and you’re done! It will offer additional options to pick specific payroll periods by individual employees or in department clusters.


The Talenox-Xero integration is one of the strong accounting features of Xero and all you need are just five reasons to simplify HR and payroll with Talenox and Xero. If you are interested in the Talenox – Xero integration, connect with us by clicking on the orange box below!

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2) Unleashed

Unleashed logo


Picture Source: Unleashed

Great news if you are Shopify User; both Shopify and Unleashed are now integrated with Xero but more importantly, you can use Unleashed with Shopify and Xero!


Unleashed is an award-winning inventory management software that serves a wide range of industries. It helps with avoiding stockouts while keeping businesses updated with the latest stock management figures (live inventory information) across your supply chain so you can buy and sell products strategically.


The integration with Xero is most helpful when completing transactions that includes receivables, credits, and stock journals. It syncs the Stock on Hand account between Unleashed and Xero to gain total visibility on the inventory value while gathering reports on the profit & loss and the balance sheet. Any stock movements and transactions that occur are automatically updated in real-time to help you get better control of your inventories.


How it works:

Make sure you create an Unleashed account Configure your Unleashed account with your Xero account and select the required data needed to be exported to Xero. Then, let it sync and you’re set!


It is worth noting that you can only connect ONE (1) Xero account to Unleashed.


If you are a E-Commerce player (Best if you are using Shopify – To be integrated with Unleashed) and you adopt Unleashed to manage all your business inventories with the cloud-based inventory management software, the integration with Xero is going to make all your real-time financial reporting even stronger.

3) CIMB BizChannel

Running a local business with a CIMB BizChannel account? Receive direct bank feeds when you connect your CIMB BizChannel to Xero, including having the bank reconciliation feature running! Your cloud accounting dashboard will be updated with accurate bank feeds from your CIMB transactions every day and be put into categories to be matched with an invoice or other transactions made.


What’s most important for every company and accountants alike is the access to view their cash flow in real-time. The integration with CIMB BizChannel allows you just that – you are able to easily view the condition of your business cash flow every working day without the need to do any complex comparison or screen transactions to make sure the data you are viewing is the updated one.


Having a streamlined bank integration with strong security to your cloud accounting software is crucial, especially for enterprises to manage their finances.


How it works:

To connect your feed onto the Xero dashboard, enter your CIMB bank account details into Xero and sign an authorization form to allow permissions on specific terms. Your bank feed will start connecting after 10 working days!


The integration between Xero and CIMB has totally brought an advanced solution to local SMEs. What appears to be a steep learning curve in Malaysia’s technological advancement has been made easy by Xero.

4 ) Hubdoc


Hubdoc logo


Picture Source: Hubdoc

When you run a business, you encounter financial documents in the form of receipts, hardcopy bills and statements, or even receiving softcopies through email templates. Usually, it would then be translated into entering those financial documents manually into your accounting system. But you don’t have to farm this habit with Hubdoc!


This data capture tool is one that favors company accountants. It will eliminate manual data entry while allowing access to all bookkeeping data, all directly from Hubdoc. The Xero integration with Hubdoc will get Xero to sync all bills and receipts from Hubdoc to match your bank feeds (See, the ecosystem is all connected!). You can get both your employees and accountant to access the platform with customizable permissions based on users’ level of access such as upload only, standard, or accountant/bookkeeper.


How it works:

Hubdoc is already included in your Xero business edition subscription. All you need to do is setup a Hubdoc organization with an email address, or connect your existing Hubdoc organization to your Xero account. Once connected, you can now upload documents and create automatic transactions with Xero. The easiest and most direct method is snapping a picture of the bill through the mobile app.


Alternatively, you can also upload documents from your desktop or forward those invoicing emails to Hubdoc. Then, Hubdoc scans and reads the key information from your documents to be input for data entry and stores them in a central online platform to be streamlined to Xero.


Hubdoc is used best to process business expenses. It definitely shouldn’t be used as independent software alone!

5) Xero expenses

To process employee expenses that are submitted for claims, Xero expenses is your expense claim system to go. It is one of the 9 powerful features of Xero that can help your business professionally!


Similar to Hubdoc, all you need to do is snap, send and approve!

Xero expenses help save both time and admin costs when it comes to submitting or approving claim expenses. Your employees will be reimbursed promptly once the Xero expenses app captures the information using OCR technology. It takes mere minutes, they don’t have to wait for you to enter expenses into the system anymore! Xero expenses app also supports expense claims of foreign currencies, making all your payment processing much easier.


How it works:

As the employer, setup your Xero expenses on your Xero account. (Usual Xero subscription plans do not include Xero expenses. You will need to add the Xero expenses product into your monthly pricing plan). Your next step is to just invite your employees to download the Xero Expenses app on their mobile and your expense claims process will be on default!


The thing worth most in this integration is the ability to be tracking the expense and transaction of each claim while using this data to spot trends, forecast, and budget for the future!

Before you go…


A free 30-day Xero trial is available, so if you want to test out the integrations or the cloud accounting application software, contact us for a clarity call at no cost by clicking on the orange box below! It is the perfect time to see if the 5 integration platforms work best for your service business. Don’t sleep on this cloud accounting software that comes with integrated software tools!

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