5 Simple Cloud Solutions for Your F&B Business

5 Simple Cloud Solutions for Your F&B Business

5 Simple Cloud Solutions for F&B Businesses

The COVID-19 situation really has changed the game for most businesses and we’ve come to see an acceleration of digitalization in Malaysia. But are you still lagging behind on the technological advancement for your small business? Or perhaps, you’re at crossroads to choose the best cloud solution to help with your business challenges?

Fret not fellow reader, we have 5 cloud solutions for your F&B business, helping you to tackle any challenges along the way. You might have heard of some of it, but we’ll tell you why you NEED to have these in your F&B business.

1. Cloud-based POS System / POS Software

A POS System comes crucial for a business, especially those in the Food & Beverage industry. A POS System (Point-of-Sale System) allows business owners to manage sales transactions swiftly through a computerized network and management. If you are a cloud vendor, this software can save your budget as all the fancy IT processes in the data centre are to be migrated to a cloud-based. Even if you don’t have resources, you can use them for Digital Marketing!

As an F&B business owner, your constant worry would be about generating sales through the F&B service you are providing and the inventories in your business. Having a POS System would make it very easy for your F&B business, which helps with your sales transactions and inventory management. So much more can be done with the POS System, read the 4 Reasons Why A Cloud-based POS System Is Something You Should Consider in 2021!

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Picture this: You run a simple F&B business and you have a new and upcoming Malaysia Independence Day menu promotion for August 31st. You want your audience to know about it, so as a business manager or business owner, you create a Facebook post on your Facebook business page and launch ads (Facebook Advertising) for a wider brand reach to other Facebook users. But you have one question –

“How do I make sure it reaches my target audience?”

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps to position your social media platform as a target market. First, it does a well-heeled job of creating Facebook Ads and sending them to potential customers without having to do real paper marketing. It also helps to encourage Facebook Listening, motivation, follow-up, sign up for Facebook ads, advertisement etc. Also, this CRM solution helps to build your audience by saving your CRM data so you can show potential customers the content and message targeting them.

CRM system saves your business time and adds value. Every business needs a CRM system and though some customers may not value a traditional one, there would be a cloud service available where you can run marketing campaigns without investing in software. A CRM leads the way in increasing the ROI, expanding your knowledge of your customers and increasing the probability that your customers are satisfied.

CRM system also helps you to establish and monitor continuous customer relationships with your current customers regarding your CRM applications. One thing that is different about Social Media CRM is that it helps your prospective customers trust, stand and feel that you are the business story. Marketing automation accordingly saves your existing customers, who may have started tracking your customer services with your social media platform.


These advantages will be helped in building some of your customer loyalty. This will result in an increase in your customer retention and expands your business. Work on marketing to drive sales, see how to better improve your customer service, and then create a CRM strategy, spread the word to your CRM applications, and use your social media marketing.

Lead generation and customer relationship management are important but CRM keeps it simple. The decision to sell the business to a new customer normally depends on the needs of a new customer: brand preferences, information or expectations, metrics and more. People buy products on the basis of customer ratings. People buy for that instinctual feeling they are getting, whether online or offline. If you don’t have the tool that generates your desired telematics data, you may have failures or omissions or you may end up missing out on a simple opportunity.

3. Social Media Management Software

Whether it’s growing your business, building brand recognition or building brand awareness, social media is a very important tool in our day-to-day lives to stir word-of-mouth, and they’re going to vitalize your social media strategy; which is why we need the right strategies for successful F&B businesses.

To avoid the awful COVID in the actual world, it’s quick and easy to round together a marketing campaign from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. But sometimes, it can be a lot to manage at once, with all the different social media platforms you have set up for your business. Using social media management software that is easily available online would ease an awful lot of work in scheduling and creating content for your feed.

As a business owner or marketer, you are shaping your marketing that affects your brand awareness, engagement and buying habits. So, you can also opt for a social media marketing software that helps with brand exposure and customer reach expansion. It creates suitable content marketing for your business easily and you get to monitor the performances of all your posts through a dashboard.

Don’t forget: Social media advertising helps your business to have more share on SEO with higher search rankings. In modern SEO, your digital marketing profile will become the road driver to your social marketing!

4. Cloud Accounting Software

“What tool would help boost my business?” If you have that question in mind, we can help.

Recently, revenue-boosting and data increase can be easily sorted with a simple technology – cloud software (or also called cloud computing). The use of Cloud-based software is not only to store your business data using cloud storage for convenience, but it comes in handy for businesses with the software’s automation, availability, security and reporting.

A Cloud Accounting Software such as Xero has helped many SMEs in Malaysia in growing their business no matter the type of service they are providing. Organizations can easily opt to carry their business growth with an easy boost from Xero, providing you with real-time financial information that gives you a greater insight into your business performance and progress.

One distinct feature of Cloud Accounting Software is automation. Automation of business process based ERP Software can automatically increase sales and create a more satisfying list of customers and prospects. Automation can also provide you with greater visibility to fulfil your goals for your company. A Business Process Management (BRM) software provides you with the facilities to automate some of your processes so that you can manage the other tasks in the business in a special way.

Cloud ERP also puts your business in a better position to deliver your services seamlessly. Though most of the ERP systems are developed and ready to use, their functionality will still continue to get tweaked in future, giving you the chance and potential to grow your business. Rumour has it that Cloud Services or Cloud-based software can be deemed an accelerated model which is not easy to manage, but that’s no true. Read 9 Easy Steps to Adopt Cloud Accounting Software in Malaysia for a step-by-step!

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5. Cash Flow Management Software

Often, you’ll find more expenses than income in your cash flow, and you wonder how it all began. See, the expense is money charged by a business (RM amount, budget, expenditure, expense vs income etc) that you get on to your business. It might be your company’s founder’s salary, delivery fees or delivery commissions to vendors. To ensure and maintain a good cash flow in your business, the management or business manager would need to leverage the cash inflows and outflows.

To learn more about how you can manage your cash flow effectively, you will need to consider the recent innovation that has evolved. And that is where cash flow management software comes in. With the help of cash flow management software, your business can pay suppliers promptly and work on the necessary financial planning such as managing the rental payments of your business.

Start by learning all about Governance and Risk Management in POS, including the investment in Accounting Software, Distribution Management, Motivate & Control. Subsequently, you may find a good chance of improving your cash flow.

In many situations, your Cloud Accounting Software can integrate with the cash flow software you’ve opted in. If your F&B business is a B2B kind, one perfect example of integration would be of Xero – Cloud Accounting Software with Stripe! You will be off with efficient cash flow management for your F&B business.

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