The women in CALTRiX and their career stories | #IWD2022

The women in CALTRiX and their career stories | #IWD2022

In lieu of International Women‘s Day on 8 March 2022, this blog is written to show our appreciation to the working women in CALTRiX that has been a great asset to the company. We’d love to give recognition to the hardworking young women who has helped build CALTRiX over the years. Hence, we had a short conversation with them and we’d love for you to hear their career stories to celebrate this international day.

In addition, the family at CALTRiX would like to highlight and magnify the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Specific to:

5.1 “End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere”

5.5 “Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life”

As we continue to work towards UNSDG 5 slowly through the company’s culture and practices, may these short stories inspire you to make your own career decisions – to empowerment, boldness, courage and girl power!


Meet Zhi Yao

The women in CALTRiX and their career stories | #IWD2022 1

Having been an accounting consultant in a management firm for 2 years, Zhi Yao observed the limitations of accounting software that is usually offline and has to be connected to company servers. It became a hedge in her accounting work as the offline accounting software led to inefficiencies in its procedures. She spotted the early signs of software inadequacy and searched for her career diversion.


Zhi Yao hesitated at first on whether she should step out of her comfort zone. Shifting from an offline accounting software to a cloud accounting software would mean to learn and grow her career again from scratch. But when she was introduced to the efficiencies of a cloud accounting software upon joining CALTRiX, she fell in love with it and made her decision to embark on her new journey.


“This is a great opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and explore something new.”


After 3 years in CALTRiX, she discovered a lot about herself in the aspects of discipline and confidence. As an accounts manager, Zhi Yao is always busy liaising with clients to work according to timelines. She has grew to build her own SOPs as she took on the responsibility to lead and manage.


“Other than that, this company provides me a lot of opportunities to communicate with others and train my courage at the same time.”


She shared that her courage and confidence was one of the key highlights in her journey with CALTRiX. From a shy introvert, Zhi Yao is no longer afraid to take chances and to let her thoughts go silent.


Zhi Yao’s word of advice:

“As women, we should speak our mind to our teammates and solve the problem together. Problems are always there, let us solve them peacefully. Cheers!”

Prior to her journey in CALTRiX, Dorea was part of the finance and operations team in a manufacturing firm for slightly more than half a decade. She was undertaking a change management process from manual workloads to online efficiencies and was struck with a thought –

“The age of digitalization has dawned upon us at quite an accelerated pace and it can either be an advantage if the opportunity was seized or a (major) disadvantage if ignored.”

This thought sprung up an interest in Dorea that she felt a pull towards digitalization and digital transformation, especially with regards to SMEs. “I feel that small businesses should not be overlooked and I wondered if there was any role I could play that involves digitalization and where my background may be a plus point.” Hence with strong dedication, she made her career vision a reality by joining CALTRiX and has been serving alongside for 2 years now.

One of her best takeaways was discovering that her personality is her best strength through the HIGH5 test that was undertaken by every TRiX-ian. Order and structure are valuable to a team in maintaining progress and productivity, and Dorea had the perfect attribute that gave the CALTRiX team a great balance!

“Introspection comes rather naturally for me and the results of the test further elaborated that having deeper thoughts and having meaningful conversations can aid communication in building rapport with like-minded people – earlier I had the notion that only extroverts were able to do so.”

Dorea’s word of advice:

“Be a life-long learner and be open to explore different possibilities!”

Meet Dorea

The women in CALTRiX and their career stories | #IWD2022 2

Meet Hui King

The women in CALTRiX and their career stories | #IWD2022 3

Hui King’s career story is one of the most unique we’ve ever come across in CALTRiX – she pivoted from her degree in architecture to a career in marketing! It all started when she challenged herself and her discipline in running a small business selling handmade products in her last year of degree. She independently managed, marketed, and sold her handmade and customized jewelry, sparking up her entrepreneurial fire.


After graduating, she decided to jump ship to the business side of the world to pursue her passion in marketing, and it is turning her into the businesswoman she has always strived to be.


“I do enjoy both architecture and marketing, but marketing is the thing that gets me closer to my future career goal.”


Hui King took baby steps in entering the business force and started as an intern in CALTRiX. But, she didn’t let her artistic side fade away and seized her role in being a marketing designer & strategist. Her two separate worlds managed to become one in a job that allows her to enjoy the best of both worlds!


She also shared, “I’ve discovered more of my own hidden strengths and weaknesses which I never realized before I worked with CALTRiX. I’m glad of that and look forward to exploring myself more along the journey, most importantly growing together with CALTRiX!”


Hui King’s word of advice:

“Do not be afraid to try different things and explore more of your passion, don’t worry if it will be a waste, trust me, it’s all worth it once you find your true passion. We grow along the way with success and failure.”

Jaclyn kickstarted her career journey with CALTRiX being the first company she worked for. Frantically looking for an internship back in 2021, she was fortunate to have found CALTRiX by chance. She was CALTRiX’s first ever intern and we were her first employer (talk about coincidences!).


After 3 quick months, her internship came to an end – but not her journey in CALTRiX. From an intern, she became a part-timer and then she transitioned to being a full-time team player in CALTRiX.


“I started off my internship with an intention to gain more working experience but instead, I got a whole career opportunity at the palm of my hands when I stepped into CALTRiX.”


In just one year, she shared that she was able to discover her core skills – she grew more aware of things that she can do and that is more of her expertise as she explored multiple projects. “A lot of times, we tend to sleep on our hidden talents because we just don’t know that we have such a talent/skill. The exposure and opportunities in CALTRiX have so far driven me to actively pick up on a lot of soft skills that I’ve yet to learn.”


Jaclyn’s word of advice:

“Never stop challenging yourself – you’d be surprised at the things you are capable of once you make that breakthrough.”


Meet Jaclyn


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