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Xero Implementation Service

We have only one mission for all our Xero clients, is to ensure you are happy and worry-less in using Xero.

Xero Bookkeeping Service

What We Serve ?

We are serving clients throughout nationwide in Malaysia and even Singapore and Thailand. Our Xero services which can offer to you are

Xero Implementation Service 1

Setup or Migration

We can help you to setup your Xero account from scratch to cover all the foundations before you start using Xero.

Xero Implementation Service 2

1 to 1 Training

With a strong foundation being setup in your Xero account, now we can provide you 1-to-1 customized training which fits your operational needs.

Xero Implementation Service 3

Online & Phone Support

Upon using Xero, you might be facing hiccups or issues. Don't worry, we got you all covered with our online & phone support to ensure all of issues are solved.

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Top 5 FAQs for our Xero Expert services

Top 5 Common Issues of Xero users

  1. My auditor asked why my inventory report is showing inaccurate numbers?
  2. I have new staff just joined the company and he/she is facing difficulty in using Xero.
  3. I am having doubts to perform bank reconciliation, is there other method to do it?
  4. Did I setup Xero correctly? Seems like something went wrong.
  5. How can I work more effectively to generate accurate and real-time financial reports?

What are the other areas I can digitize and integrate with Xero?

Depending on your nature of business, each business is unique and need to identify your own needs to get a software to fit it into your business operations.

In general, below are some examples:

  1. E-Commerce companies who are using Shopify – Can integrate with a cloud inventory management software to manage your inventory from multi-locations together with serial number and batch expiry which Xero Inventory is not available
  2. Food & Beverages Restaurant – Can integrate a certain brand of Point-of-Sales into Xero to automate sales data entry. On top of it, you can implement cloud shift scheduling software and cloud payroll software to digitize your human resources department.
  3. Clinic – You may implement cloud clinic management software to manage all your patients. Imagine you can annotate diagram using ipad? How great it is! Then we can assist you to integrate it with Xero to streamline the accounting processes!
    To know more, hit on the button on your left to further discuss about it.

My NEW staff needs a Xero training session

Check this out!

Top 5 Common Issues of Xero users
What are the other areas I can digitize and integrate with Xero?
My NEW staff needs a Xero training session
We do provide contractual service to support the handover from your existing to the new staff.

Our contractual service includes both Xero training and support to ensure a smooth transition as well as business continuity without any interruption.

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30 minutes FREE assessment

Get your FREE clarity call with demo with our certified Xero advisor on your digital transformation journey NOW !

Are you an existing Xero user?

If you need us, hit on the button below to connect with us

1. Is Xero suitable to my business?

We recommend you to have a session with our Xero experts to find out whether Xero can be used in your business. This is because we do not hard-sell to you if we know Xero can’t serve you the best of it!

2. What will you be covering in Xero Training?

In our Xero Training, we have customized the flow of training to ensure you know how to use Xero effectively. Therefore, our training will be covering the following modules:

  1. All the Xero Settings – The foundation
  2. Purchase processes
  3. Sales processes
  4. Expenses & payroll
  5. Banking
  6. Fixed Assets
  7. Manual Journals
  8. Reporting

3. What will you be covering in Xero Setup?

In Xero Setup, we will help you to complete all the followings:

  1. Organisation Settings
  2. Financial settings
  3. Opening Balances
  4. Bank Feed (CIMB BizChannel)
  5. User Access
  6. Chart of Accounts
  7. Customer & Supplier Contacts
  8. Product & Service Code

4. What you will be covering in Xero Support service?

We will be assisting in solving all your Xero issues mainly for Xero features including customize your documents like invoice, quotation etc. However, we do not offer services in training/guiding you to complete the full sets of accounts.

5. How will you support us in Xero?

We will be supporting you effectively in multiple channels. We can communicate through phone, Whatsapp or email at your convenience. End of the day, our objective is to solve your Xero issues at the shortest time.

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