Xero Add-ons: Top 7 Tools to Enhance Your Accounting Workflow in Malaysia

Xero Add-ons: Top 7 Tools to Enhance Your Accounting Workflow in Malaysia

The accounting software in use by your business plays an important role in keeping financials streamlined. But more importantly, accounting tools such as Xero are also crucial to improve accounting workflow, given their advanced functionalities.


Now the question is, are you sure you’re getting the most out of Xero?


The truth is, most businesses are not aware of certain Xero add-ons that can play a key role in improving their accounting workflow. Let’s take a look at what these add-ons do, and how they can take your workflow to the next level.

How Xero Add-Ons work



Xero add-ons add additional functionality to your Xero accounting software. Some add-ons are developed by Xero itself, while some are independent software that can integrate with Xero.


There are countless software providers that have created integrations for Xero so that the accounting data can be streamlined with other departmental functions such as HR. Here are 7 we found the most powerful and relevant to Malaysian SMBs!

7 Powerful Xero Add-Ons



We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, so without further ado, let’s dive in!


1.  Talenox


Talenox is an online HR management system that handles core business functions such as managing employee profiles, payroll, and employee leave management.


Boosting productivity with Talenox and Xero


Talenox and Xero have jointly developed an integration that boasts a powerful streamlining of HR and accounting functions.


It removes the need for manual work and provides automated entries for core business functions such as payroll.

Xero Add-ons: Top 7 Tools to Enhance Your Accounting Workflow in Malaysia 1

Talenox’s 3 Amazing Features


   Linking payments to Charts of Accounts.

   Automated payroll entries to your ledger.

   Choose specific payroll periods and split payroll figures by individual employee or department.


More information


Check out the official setup integration and walkthrough for further information on how to integrate both tools.

2.  Dext


Dext is a cloud-based accounting solution toolkit with functions such as electronically capturing and storing receipts, invoicing, and other related bookkeeping functions.


Boosting productivity with Dext and Xero


The software seamlessly integrates with Xero to provide an end-to-end accounting solution. It boosts productivity by cutting coding or any other manual effort required to integrate data.


For example, when you submit and process a new receipt in Dext, it automatically transfers the data to your chosen destination. When this function is performed in Dext, Xero automatically adds line items to existing sales invoices.

Xero Add-ons: Top 7 Tools to Enhance Your Accounting Workflow in Malaysia 2

Dext’s 4 Amazing Features


   Organize expense reports by merging information in Xero and Dext.

   Automated publishing and transaction matching.

   Automatically identify expenses in Xero without an attached image and use images in Dext to fix it.

   Streamline and sync accounting information such as Charts of Accounts, Payment methods, suppliers, customers, and tracking categories.


More information


You can visit Xero or Dext’s site for information about integrating the two software.

3.  A2X


A2X is an e-commerce accounting solution that helps sellers by acting as their accounting copilot. It can integrate with e-commerce solutions such as Shopify, Walmart, Amazon and Etsy to keep track of your account as your process orders.


Boosting productivity with A2X and Xero


A2X automatically fetches all new sales data taken from platforms such as Shopify and moves them to Xero. Financials like settlement summaries are posted to Xero, and reports like income/expense reports can then be generated. The integration is perfect for reconciliation.


The integration works in the following manner:

Xero Add-ons: Top 7 Tools to Enhance Your Accounting Workflow in Malaysia 3

A2X’s 4 Amazing Features


   Automated mapping of sales from Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc., to appropriate ledger accounts in Xero.

   It posts summarized journals to the Xero ledger.

   It can send invoices to Xero for auto-reconciliation.

   Financials like costs of goods based on sales from each settlement, are sent by A2X to Xero. Xero then calculates accurate product margins based on the provided data.

4.  ApprovalMax Workflow


ApprovalMax allows users to sign off on accounting documents so approval can be tracked. The tool lets you set up an approval workflow where you can customize conditions for approvals, such as the number of steps for approval or who will approve in each step.


Boosting productivity with ApprovalMax and Xero


Xero will send out different financial information such as sales invoices, purchase orders, bills, supplier invoices, etc. to Approvalmax. From there, you can set up the approval process from them.


The entire process for approving documents in real-time becomes automated, reducing risk and preventing all sorts of unwanted issues from arising.

Xero Add-ons: Top 7 Tools to Enhance Your Accounting Workflow in Malaysia 4

ApprovalMax’s 4 Amazing Features


   Real-time accounting data automatically feeds into ApprovalMax so relevant people can sign off.

   Automated approvals for accounts payable and accounts receivable.

   Automatic supplier information updated in ApprovalMax based on data from Xero.

   Easy audit trail tracking through a completely digitized approval process with no paper involved.

5.  SupplyCart


SupplyCart.my is a cloud-based procurement platform that digitizes the procurement process with features such as catalog requisition, digital approval between parties, spending analytics and automated audit logs, automated vendor management system, etc.


Boosting productivity with SupplyCart and Xero


You can merge your procurement and accounting process by integrating SupplyCart with Xero. The entire procurement information is synced with the accounting information in Xero.


Information such as purchase orders from SupplyCart is automatically added in Xero, removing the need for manually filling up procurement data in your accounting software.

Xero Add-ons: Top 7 Tools to Enhance Your Accounting Workflow in Malaysia 5

SupplyCart’s 3 Amazing Features


   PO information from SupplyCart is automatically synced with Xero.

   Charts of Accounts information from Xero is automatically synced with SupplyCart, making tracking information such as expenses easy.

   Any changes to Vendor Name, delivery address, tax rate, quantity, unit price etc. is automatically synced once changed in either SupplyCart or Xero.

6.   Zetpy


Zetpy is an inventory management software that tracks inventory and syncs it across all of your sales channels. The centralized inventory control prevents overselling and other problems by having your entire inventory being sold on different channels, such as Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopee, etc., to be managed in one interface.


Boosting productivity with Zetpy and Xero


For sellers whose inventory is being sold on different platforms such as Shopify, Tiktok, Woocomerce, Shopee, etc., keeping track of inventory and finances is a problem.


By integrating Xero and Zetpy, you get access to a centralized interface where you can see how inventory is being sold everywhere in a centralized channel.


The sales information is automatically sent out to Xero, from where the accounting process initiates. Information such as invoices and order tracking are automatically synced across Xero and Zetpy.

Xero Add-ons: Top 7 Tools to Enhance Your Accounting Workflow in Malaysia 6

Zetpy’s 4 Powerful Features


   All online orders can be automatically synced back to Xero as invoices with updated inventory information.

   Orders across all platforms are synced across Xero and Zetpy.

   Zetpy sends out all vouchers, admin fee, discounts, and related information to Xero.

   Automated accounting reports based on real-time data automatically pulled from Zetpy.

7.  Eats365


Eats is a POS-based solution for restaurants to manage customer payments easily. It’s an iPad-based solution made to cater to businesses of all sizes.


Boosting productivity with Eats365 and Xero


For restaurants looking to manage their accounting by automatically syncing data from their POS into their accounting software, this combo is the perfect solution.


Restaurant owners can boost productivity by simply getting payments from customers from the POS machine. The data is automatically updated into Xero once the integration has taken place.


From there, you can find all sorts of accounting information in Xero, such as invoices, sales data tracking, custom reports, etc.

Xero Add-ons: Top 7 Tools to Enhance Your Accounting Workflow in Malaysia 7

Eats365’s 5 Powerful Features


   Automatically pull sales data from POS into Xero.

   Custom reports breaking down all finances such as profit margins, gross revenue, operating expenses, etc.

   All accounts sales in Eats365 are automatically updated in Xero as an account receivable invoice.

   Tax rate mapping allows you to keep track of your tax liabilities automatically. All tax related information based on real-time sales data is updated.

   Xero pulls data from Eats365 to generate a daily closing report.

Boost accounting productivity with a Certified Xero Partner Like CALTRiX!

The bottom line is that integrating data across different departments of your business is a critical task. It boosts productivity and cuts out repetitive manual tasks so you can focus on your core business model.


With its add-ons, Xero packs a powerful punch and can supercharge financial management for your business. If you’re looking to integrate Xero and other add-ons based on your specific business needs, CALTRiX can help.


We’re certified gold partners, and are licensed to help you with your accounting needs. To kickstart your Xero journey, book a session with us and let our experts walk you through what maximum accounting productivity looks like!

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