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Xero – Cloud Accounting Software

9 Powerful Xero features that will change your life 1

Maintain accurate records

Categorize your bank transactions as they push to Xero everyday for you to track cash flow immediately

9 Powerful Xero features that will change your life 2

Prompt monitoring on business health

Monitor the money flowing in and out on a daily basis anytime and anywhere you are, with beautiful charts showing latest figures

9 Powerful Xero features that will change your life 3

Get paid sooner

Save time to chase payments from your client using Xero by setting up online payment services like Stripe or Paypal

What is XERO Cloud Accounting Software?

Xero, serves as Cloud Accounting Software is working with more than 2 million monthly subscribers all over the world including Malaysia.

XERO is the most advanced and widely-implemented Cloud-Based Accounting Software today

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9 Powerful features of

Xero – Cloud Accounting Software

that support every part of your business

Xero-feature-bank-feeds-CIMB Bank Malaysia

CIMB Bank to Xero

Connect your CIMB Bank BizChannel Account to Xero, transactions flow automatically into Xero each working day


Online Invoicing

Ensure positive cash flow by sending quotations and invoices via online with options of online payment


Xero Security

Multiple levels of security applied to protect your confidential financial information in Xero


Xero Dashboard

Provide you a quick glance to understand current business situation with facts, figures and charts


Easy Bank Reconciliation

By connecting to CIMB, match your sales invoices with bank transactions and get real-time info of outstanding invoices


Claim Your Expenses

Xero expenses app enabled you to submit claims via mobile app, speeding up the process of claim approval


Your Business Performance Dashboard

Xero enabled you to manage business effectively with a Business Performance Dashboard


Xero Reports

Provides you various detail financial reports. E.g Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet at fingertips


Power Search

You can use power search in Xero Cloud Accounting Software to extract business information

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CALTRiX is a Silver XERO Champion Partner in Malaysia.

Having helped more than hundreds of Clients make their transformations,
the CALTRiX team is more than familiar with the XERO cloud accounting software in Malaysia and the best ways to maximize its impact on your business.

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